maninder mandDr. Mand has had many years working as a physician in Toronto, Canada. Throughout his active professional, he had the pleasure of making countless allies. In fact, he would often travel to other places around the world. He did so in order to attend meetings as well as conferences. This taught him the valuable lesson of the importance of a robust professional network. Furthermore, with a proven track record of running successful businesses, Maninder Mand wishes to connect with other professional individuals to expand his network. To him, he believes a man’s likelihood to succeed is heavily correlated with how robust his professional network is. In addition, throughout his professional life, he has made it his mission to forge meaningful relationships with powerful allies wherever he goes. In fact, the relationships that he forged over the years were instrumental in helping him strengthen his family business.

After selling his clinic in 2018, Dr. Maninderpal Mand is shifting his focus. He is currently working on building a twenty thousand square foot medical center. Once completed, this medical center will provide much needed healthcare to Canadians living in rural areas. Additionally, the medical center is expected to open in Bolton, Ontario.

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