Aside from his professional career and charity involvement, Maninderpal Mand takes joy in creative writing. In fact, he has written and published a number of insightful blogs on Medium. Medium is a popular blog-sharing platform. More specifically, users on Medium can create their own profile, pick a topic they want to write about, and start writing. Absolutely anything and everything has been blogged about on Medium. From politics, to fashion, to psychedelics, users have blogged about virtually everything. For Maninder, he has written extensively about his family business as well as charity involvement. In addition, as a doctor, he has published numerous blogs on cataracts, it’s symptoms, causes, and treatment.

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Read writing from Maninderpal Mand on Medium. Doctor, physician, as well as entrepreneur. Every day, Maninderpal Mand and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

How Business Owners Can Give Back through Charity

After achieving success with his family’s hotel business, Mand Hospitality, Maninderpal Mand felt the pull to start giving back to his community. As a Toronto based doctor, he is committed to the research as well as diagnosis of eye cancer. Now, his company and family enjoy participating in charitable events aimed at researching and curing the disease.